Rewatching Twilight

So it has been almost exactly 2 years since I’ve rewatched all the Twilight movies and they have seemed to make a resurgence on tiktok so I thought I’d join the fun. Now I would like to state that I read the books so much in middle school that my copy of New Moon fell apart at the binding. I also watched the midnight premiere of every single movie so as I document my experience rewatching these movies I don’t want to hear shit about how I’m not a real fan or whatever. I have the nostalgia attached to these films and guess what guys? They are still not good. Again, because I have said this so many times, you are allowed to like, love, enjoy anything you want but let’s be honest with ourselves. Reality states that these movies are bad, and that’s okay. So here we go rewatching Twilight. 


Well that gets us through New Moon, part two will take care of Eclipse and both parts of Breaking Dawn. It just seemed like a lot to do in one article. This rewatch did also spawn an in depth analysis of vampire media as a whole so stay tuned for that I guess.

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