The Fate of the Furious

Okay Fast and Furious 8; The Fate of the Furious did in fact answer some questions, and we are starting to see the overall quality increase. However there were still some glaringly obvious horrible choices in this one as well.

Working backwards through these movies is actually great because the 9th and 10th clearly do not stand on their own. The movies are barely coherent as it is but if you haven’t seen some of the other movies they are incomprehensible. The end of this series requires context. The 8th movie however was a little more stand alone, yes I assume it would help to have seen the rest of them but it isn’t as necessary. I came out of this movie with far fewer questions than I did with the 9th film. 

We are already seeing the quality increase so I guess I am kind of looking forward to the next 7 movies. But then I remember that there are 7 more movies…and the enthusiasm disappears pretty quickly. The Fate and the Furious is, thus far, the highest rated Fast and Furious movie that we have watched. That list will be published with the end of our rewatch journey.

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