The Little Mermaid Review

Now I am someone who has constantly been disappointed by Disney’s live action remakes. Cinderella was magical, Beauty and the Beast was mediocre at best, the Lion King was simply terrible and here comes the Little Mermaid. My favorite Disney princess movie as a child. I used to make my family call me Ariel, I wouldn’t respond to my name. I was fully convinced that I was going to be a Mermaid when I grew up. The minute the trailer was released I started crying. I’ve been a blubbering mess at every trailer I’ve seen and I truly couldn’t wait for this movie.

Overall I think the movie was great, I cried several times and when I rewatch it on Disney+ I will simply fast forward past Awkwafina’s song and all will be right with the world. Halle is magical and everyone should go see this movie as many times as you possibly can. I think this movie would be a 10/10 if we casted better then McCarthy and Awkwafina and taking off a point for each of them gives us an 8/10…but Halle was so good I’m adding a half a point back on so final rating for the live action Little Mermaid is 8.5/10. All 3 versions of The Little Mermaid are incredible.

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