Gilmore Girls

One of the most popular shows ever is irrefutably a character driven story, Gilmore Girls. That said I think one of the best ways to study character driven stories is by studying their relationships. Now before we dive in I am going to point out now that I will also be giving my opinion on the things that happen in the show, some of the content did not age well and I will not pretend it did. Nothing is exempt from criticism and acting like the thing you like is beyond analysis is dense and useless so as an avid fan of the show I will be criticizing it and it’s characters. Also since Gilmore Girls centers around the characters’ relationships, I will be talking about each relationship as a whole as the season progresses which means we will keep bouncing back and forth throughout the season.

Overall the first season does a great job of establishing character relationships as well as the personalities for each of the characters. There is almost immediately character growth and it is easy to see how many options there are for each character going forward. This is one of my comfort shows because of the mother daughter relationships. I used to watch it with my mom when I was really young and its a great story to revisit.

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