Across the Spiderverse Review

It is pretty universally agreed upon that Into the Spiderverse is the best Spiderman movie to date, even by the academy. So fans, including myself, were more than eager for the second installment of the franchise. In fact these movies are the only thing keeping fans rooting for Sony keeping the film rights to the famous character. I can definitely say after seeing Across the Spiderverse that I hope Sony never relinquishes their right to these characters because Disney could never create something as heartfelt and beautiful as what I just watched.

Overall the movie is stunning, emotional and incredible. It earns the first 10/10 of the year, and perhaps the only one. Everything about this movie was well thought out and developed and even though it ends on a cliffhanger it tells a remarkable story that draws the audience in and forces us to care about all of these characters. There is a villain as well as an antagonist that really helps flesh out the story as well as Miles’ character. And also shows us that good and evil isn’t so black and white. This movie starts to deal with the gray area of morality and I can not wait to see where the next one goes.

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