Transformers Review

I went into this movie as someone who has never seen a Transformers movie. I’ve only seen clips of the Michael Bay abominations and considering how Megan Fox was portrayed and treated on that set I have no desire to finish them. I also went with my husband who very much had some nostalgia surrounding this movie as he grew up with the toys and the cartoons. I had a lot of follow up questions after I saw this movie and apparently there is a whole Transformers extended universe.

Overall the movie was fine, entertaining but nowhere near “good”. The very end teased a G.I. Joe crossover which would be absolutely batshit crazy and I genuinely can’t wait to see it. I give it a solid 5/10 but my husband who has nostalgic attachment to these characters and this generis storyline gives it an 8/10 for accurate designs, lore and as an adaptation as a whole.

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