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DisneyPlus MCU

Now because you can not actually accurately compare formats I have decided that this needs to be its own article. I have ranked all of the films in the MCU. That was a much bigger task. Here we will be focusing on the TV shows. I much prefer television I think it holds a longevity that does not exist the same way in cinema. That said I think it is also easier to screw up a television show because you are simply given more opportunities to do so. Streaming services have given writers an opportunity to deliver their stories exactly how they want to and I think that has benefited media as a whole. That said, DisneyPlus has taken that freedom and squeezed it. They have made it so that writers still have a specific amount of time to tell their stories, that time is just shorter now. Some writers rise to the challenge and some do not. And some stories simply weren’t meant to fit into such a small box. Here I will be ranking the MCU shows, now this only refers to the Disney+ shows.


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