Recapping the MCU – Phase 1

So I think that we can all agree that the MCU has a lot going on right now. Between the start of a new phase and about a billion Disney+ shows, fans are facing exhaustion. The MCU has proven to audiences that media overload and burn out is certainly a thing. With new films coming out, some fans are having a hard time keeping up. How is one supposed to catch up at this point? So many projects in, with a universe that is so interconnected, how do fans keep storylines straight? Well as someone who has been watching from the beginning I am hoping to be a checkpoint for both older and newer fans. I started a short series to help recap the projects so far. In addition I will be creating relationship maps, logging major moment. And a timeline that will chronical deaths and introductions. I am hoping to provide a list of the actual interrelated projects so that just like with comics, fans of specific characters know which projects they can skip. If the MCU is going to continue to grow, fans should have the opportunity to pick and choose what they interact with.


I started with the barest of bones, really just focused on the biggest plot points in phase 1. Obviously that leaves a lot of room for questions, so if you have any specific questions please comment and ask. I would love to dive deeper, and I might also do a video on the best comics to read based on your favorite MCU movie! So let me know what would be helpful.

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