Plot vs Character – Storytelling

As an aspiring screenwriter, I think breaking down how stories are told is extremely important. There are many screenwriting techniques and tropes that we can (and will) analyze. But to kick of its own series I would like to break down character vs plot driven stories. What do those phrases mean? And how do we use those structures to tell great stories that connect with people? This is a series I am very excited about because this is something that I want to do with my life. I am a firm believer that if you understand how story structures work, it becomes a lot easier to becoming a good storyteller yourself. So I also hope that through doing this series, and a series on techniques and tropes, that I will become a better writer. And that I can share my favorite storytelling techniques.

This will hopefully provide some background on how I think about stories and how I will be breaking them down. I also hope that this provides some basic storytelling knowledge to those just getting started in writing.

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