Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I like to break this show down to decisions. Which is quite frankly how I think one should break down how a show moves. We are going to start with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. A show that deals with mental health in a fun, but emotionally captivating way. A lot of people will take media analysis on the internet and say “its not that dee”, well the reality is that it is that deep. Media does not exist in a vacuum and how we as a society create and interact with media is very telling of who we are as a whole. Its also a huge part of how future generations will decern who we were and what we believe. Our media is a reflection of us, and we need to act as such.

TV and movies can be a huge form of comfort, and escape. It can also help us confront our own insecurities and flaws. It can be an incredible reflection and exploration of human nature. And it can be an eye opening experience of wonder, dreams and fantasy. None of that can be discredited because “its just a movie” or “its just a tv show. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of my comfort shows and I can’t wait to talk about it.

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