The Last of Us

So we took a longish hiatus from The Last of Us because I really need to be in the mood for this show. That said they’ve chilled out on the gross stuff and really laid into the emotion crap. And as such keeps having episodes that leave me yelling at my tv. So we are back in it for episodes 5 and 6. This show refuses to stop beating my heart into a sludgy substance. It is so heartbreaking, the Walking Dead could never. I of course got attached to Henry and Sam rather quickly, more than that I got attached to Ellie and Sam. Their friendship was established fast and really it was just nice to see Ellie interact with someone closer to her own age.

I got far more attached to the Last of Us then I thought I was going to, but now I am fully bought in and I need my Ellie and Joel to be okay by the end of this or I am going to lose my mind. I have decided that this show is incredible and truly is peak storytelling. If the game is anything like the show I fully understand how it has gained the following it did and how this show has become so popular. I look forward to seeing how the season ends but I am also highly emotionally cautious because I am so tired of having my heart ripped out by this show.

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