Avatar the Last Airbender

There is a massive come back on its way for Avatar the Last Airbender and its fans. The next couple of years are going to be development and production years for a great number of Avatar the Last Airbender related projects. From new animated series to the live action endeavor, to several animated movies we are getting many new projects in the world of Avatar. Not only are we getting more from the characters that we already know and love but the world of Avatar is once again getting expanded. The mid 2020s are going to have many projects for the millennials.


So if you are like me and re-watch the original series on a regular basis. Or if you are like every other sane person on the planet and you have hatred in your heart for the live action movie adaptation of our beloved show then you are sure to have at least one project you like in the upcoming Avatar the Last Airbender universe. I don’t think it was ever intended to be the franchise that it is quickly becoming.

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