The Last of Us Ep. 9

Before I embark on the season finale of The Last of Us I want to talk about how I feel about the season so far. From the start I was a little queasy because I really hate gross things, and zombie stories are really not my thing. However the show did such an incredible job of making the story so character focused that you kind of forget that it is a zombie story. The first few episodes still had quite a few gross scenes that caused me to turn away. That said the story had me from the start. The dynamic between Joel and Ellie, Tessa’s whole existence (I am still bitter), Bill and Frank…all of the side stories and world building were so well done that I truly am invested in every second of it. The show really maintained its tone throughout, which seems to be a rare find these days. A lot of shows now seem to end in an extremely different tone then they started in, and it’s very jarring. But The Last of Us has done an incredible job of keeping the tone it started with. Now the season finale will do a lot, first of all it can completely make or break a show. As with final seasons, if finales are bad they really taint the entire viewing experience. If they’re good then we get the pleasure of adding the project to the perfect storytelling hall of fame. It’s also going to give us a little insight into what might be coming next season. So here we go, all of my thoughts on The Last of Us season finale.

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