Perfect Project Hall of Fame

There are valid criticisms of pretty much every piece of media on the planet. And of course we all have our personal preferences but there are a few perfect pieces of media that will accept no critiques. This is the definitive list; Otherwise known as the perfect project Hall of Fame.

The first on this list should be no surprise, Lord of the Rings is one of the most beloved and awarded pieces of media in existence. All of the films are true to the spirit and character of the books, satisfying people who have been Tolkien fans for years. And for people going into the films with no prior knowledge they are fun, adventurous, heartfelt, and beautiful. These movies depict some of the most incredible male relationships that have ever taken place in film or television. And more then being just an epic story, Lord of the Rings has a quiet aspect to its relationships that make the storytelling so relatable.

Next on the list is one of the best tv series, Avatar the Last Airbender. My favorite thing about this show is that it is directed towards and made for children but it is more then enjoyable for adults. Family friendly would be a way to describe it but it deals with themes of grief, loss, war, genocide and totalitarianism. Dealing with such heavy themes in such a child friendly way makes this show more then brilliant.

Back to movies we have The Princess Bride, a beyond perfect movie. Truly nothing tops this, the story, humor, casting and timelessness of this movie is beautiful and brilliant and there is really nothing else to say. The Hall of Fame is where this movie belongs.

The Good Place is one of my most rewatched shows, its self contained seasons and character development easily cements its place on this list. It also deals with some pretty heavy themes in a light and funny way making the show more heartfelt and relatable. A comfort show to many The Good Place is a perfect show, with no excess fat the show helps us explore the reality of mortality.

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