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The Last of Us – Episode 7&8

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With an busy life its hard to binge watch shows like I used to so it took us a little while to get through the Last of Us. But the more I watch this show the more I fall in love with it. Now I am married to a gamer who really wanted me to play the game. However I am so not a video game person and I couldn’t make it through more then 10 minutes of the game. That said I could not love the story more. Now I am not one to speak on the accuracy of the adaptation, but as someone who love stories and storytelling structure, The Last of Us feeds into all of my favorite structures. I actually love the storytelling so much that I will also be writing an article on common tropes that the show not only does well but subverts expectations.

The relationship between Ellie and Joel is so beautiful. Her reaction when she escapes and realizes that he came for her made me want to cry. I am definitely not emotionally ready for the finale but we will be watching it soon and speculating on what season 2 might bring. I might also do an overall season review that includes my husband to give the gamers perspective.

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