Revenge – Season 1

Our first time discussing a plot driven story and one that I actually love, Revenge. Emily Vancamp gets the spotlight that she deserves in this 4 season show. This is an amazing show for a lot of reasons but the fact that it is a plot driven story that only takes the time that it needs to tell its story is the biggest reason. The problem I have with most plot driven shows is that they get popular and renewed by networks and then they are forced to keep going and they try to turn into character driven shows with a heavy plot element and as we have established that doesn’t work. You get one or the other, so here we go with all the reasons Revenge is the perfect plot driven story.

The first act we experience is the beginning through Tyler’s death, arguably the episode where Tyler gets shot and we circle back to the first scene of the show we ever saw is the first season. The second act would be Daniels’ trial, the third being the white haired man and the evidence to exonerate David Clark. And we have entered the second summer of the series. The last episode of the season does a pretty good job of setting up season two with Amanda’s pregnancy, the entrance of Aiden and the apparent death of Victoria Grayson.

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