Revenge – Season 2

There are some beautifully written parallels to the very first episode with Victoria “dead” and Ashley seemingly taking her place as the new queen bee of the Hamptons as we start season 2. Emily Van Camp playing a main character named Emily was a point of conversation for me and my husband by the way… Anyway, Emily and Daniel are in kind of an awkward place. And we have several new players and subplots this season. More then that we get to see a lot more of Emily Van Camp’s acting range. For a lot of season 1 she was very consistent, stoic and focused. But some shit goes down in season 2 that forces her to detour from her mission.

Damn seeing Emily Van Camp in this show makes me so angry at the MCU for just shitting all over Sharron Carter’s character. They really just have no idea what to do with her, but at least I will always have Revenge which showcases her acting ability just so well. We love to see it. Now I remember a lot of things from the end of the show but season 3 and 4 kind of blur together since I haven’t seen them in so long. But I will say one more time that the pacing on this show is incredible, there is very little filler. I’m never bored and there is always something going on that moves the plot or characters forward. That can be said about very few shows.

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