Secret Invasion – Episode 3

We’ve established thus far that I am less than impressed with the Secret Invasion series so far. Which is mostly disappointing because I feel up to this point the Disney+ series have been more good then bad. But the real problem with this show is the entire lack of emotional connection. There is no heart, no reason for the audience to care about any of these characters. That is the show’s biggest problem so far, the little ones however are a big reason why it’s been difficult to power through the show. It’s slow, the pacing is really poor, and they have opted to make it visually very dark which was a poor decision. Normally 2 bad episodes won’t kill a show IF it starts getting drastically better after the 3rd, however it will only be a 6 episode series so we are officially halfway through. Will it get better? Or is this officially the worst Disney+ MCU show?


And we fridged the second woman in 3 episodes, Emilia Clark’s character is no more than a plot device. Look Black Widow was sexualized for a decade and her writing still isn’t as sexist as this crap. I feel like this show set the MCU and humanity back about 20 years. Am I even still allowed to vote?

Anyway episode 3 brought more garbage, sexism and poor storytelling. Truly an awful show written by men who have no business writing anything for the MCU. Fiege needs to do better.

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