Secret Invasion Ep. 2

The first episode of the Secret Invasion series was a little lackluster and it included one of my least favorite and most sexist story tropes. It did not set the bar very high and quite frankly did a great job of lowering any expectations I had for this series, there weren’t very many to begin with anyway. This episode seems to center more around Nick Fury as apparently this is supposed to be his story but the writers have yet to convince me of that. But here we are back for week 2 expecting absolutely nothing.

Only two episodes in and I am feeling nothing, I am invested in nothing and no one, including Emelia Clark’s character who is the only reason that I am watching this. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this with an MCU project, including movies I didn’t particularly like. It’s not just that I’m not a fan of the story, it’s that the writing has given me no reason to care about these characters or their outcome. Nick Fury is theoretically someone we already care about but he’s been so absent in the MCU as of late that having any connection to him is really difficult.

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