A Different Kind of Superhero Story

In a world that is dominated by both Marvel and DC superheroes that preach morality and the human struggle, other superhero projects show us an arguably more realistic perspective of superhero life. Invincible and The Boys both satirize popular superheroes and offer a different viewpoint on what it means to be powerful, telling a different kind of superhero story.


The world of Marvel and DC is great but it really doesn’t shed a realistic light on how a world with superheroes would be. It humanizes them and tries to ground them as much as possible because for the most part audiences want to see themselves in the heroes on screen. But the reality is that even living in a world where superheroes don’t exist we have hard proof of what power and the need for it does to people. How it changes their priorities and causes them to treat others. So we know that the world of Marvel and DC where heroes are all kind and altruistic is nothing more than a fairytale. The Boys and Invincible shows us what our world would look like if we had heroes, on a much more realistic scale. From the new forms of oppression to the new and graphic levels of violence that would be expected (that the Avengers are inflicting too by the way, they just can’t show it).

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