Good Omens – Season 1

Okay so I love Neil Gaimen and Terry Prachet but as the slacker I am I have not seen nor read Good Omens. So in preparation for SDCC and the coming of the second season of the show I decided I should probably catch up. As a huge fan of David Tennant I knew that I was going to enjoy the show but when I say that the show exceeded all expectations, I mean it.

Truly a magnificent story and the very obvious love story between Crowley and Aziraphale is my favorite part. They love each other so much and I think a lot of that comes from how the story was originally written. You can very clearly feel the love and friendship and partnership that Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchet had for each other and it really shines through in the interactions of the two main characters. I truly can not wait to see season 2 (I have advanced screeners so I don’t actually have to wait that long) but I am excited to see where this story goes. And I can’t wait to witness the panel at San Diego comic con and see what the cast thinks about the continuation of this amazing show.

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