Invincible Season 1

Ahead of San Diego Comic Con I thought it important to check off some things that have been on my watch list forever ahead of some pretty big announcements. Let’s start with Invincible, not just another superhero show. And something that certainly proves that animation is not inherently for kids.


So I was correct in a lot of gut feelings about this show, Omniman or Nolan is a terrible father. He was in fact motivated by his home planet, and Mark did in fact have to fight his dad to save the world. I love a lot about how this show was written, the cliffhangers at the end of every episode were very well done and kept the interest and intrigue at a good level. I love how the show was paced. I never had to wait to long for answers or in the case of most of the season, more questions. The twist didn’t come out of nowhere, it was actually very well set up. And the intensity between the characters was really well built up. I think the amount of gore shown in the show was actually very realistic and I think it added to the stakes of the story. Now I’ve never read the comics so I can’t speak to how accurate it was as an adaptation but as an individual piece of media I think it is brilliant and an incredible and necessary addition to superhero media.

There will be lots of Invincible related things happening at SDCC and I personally can’t wait now that I’ve finished this masterpiece of a show.

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