Felicia Day

San Diego Comic Con is a little thin to some eyes this year. The absence of many studios and a majority of Hall H has many attendees selling off their badges to people more motivated by the smaller panels. I personally think it’s a great thing, both for SDCC and for the strikers. We want this strike to hurt the industry, that’s the point. That said, now comic con can operate more like an actual convention for industry fans and professionals. And among the things that fans get to enjoy comic con weekend is the beautiful and wonderfully nerdy, Felicia Day.


The queen of the nerds would be a bit of an understatement, the beautiful and brilliant Felicia Day has contributed to nerd culture in so many ways. Felicia Day is not only getting her own spotlight on Saturday of SDCC but she will also be on a panel on Friday. SDCC this year is filled with women in comics, women in tv, and women in writing panels so shining a light on a brilliant woman who has dominated all three is only right. I highly recommend checking out everything this woman has ever done, including her wildly entertaining and heartfelt books.

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