Power Girl

I’ve documented the history of lots of female superheroes by this point and when we talk about the history of our female heroes we find that they are mostly written by men. Now what this has mainly produced is women that are oversexualized, women that are 1 dimensional with absolutely no depth, women that are used as plot devices and women that are openly treated like crap. Now, suddenly in 2023 some of them are finally getting written by female voices, saving them from the depths of the patriarchy. One of arguably the most important ones is Power Girl.


Paige has to learn how to accept herself and let herself be loved, and that is a very universal struggle. The best friend relationship between her and Lilith is the best part of the book. It really grounds the character and so rarely in media do we actually get to see true, real female friendships and it was really well written. The book also spoke to the female experience in the sense that it points out that as a woman it doesn’t always feel like you’re in control of your own body. It is an incredible book written by a powerful female voice, and absolutely everyone should read this book and demand more of it.

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