San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner and there is so much going on even without the presence of major studios and Hall H. So how is one meant to plan for all of this nerdy amazingness? Well my answer will always be spreadsheets and now that the schedule is out for the whole week it is time to figure out and prioritize what the most important panels are. Now there are a lot of things of personal interest this year and I can’t hit everything but I am hoping to get a lot of interesting panel experiences done as well as simply bonding with my fellow nerds. Now this is my first time ever at SDCC so I am beyond excited, I have been trying to get tickets for nearly a decade now and I finally get to go as press, I have never felt more accomplished.

So many panels surround women breaking into so many aspects of the industry and as someone who is trying to do just that I can’t wait to catch some of these panels. As well as get some networking done (there is a comic book creator speed dating session that is going to be awesome). This is going to be my first San Diego Comic Con and I truly can’t wait to see and experience how incredible this is about to be. So if you are going to SDCC feel free to find me at any of these amazing panels and say hi! I love meeting and bonding with fellow nerds!

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