Missing SDCC?

We all know that San Diego Comic Con is the hottest ticket in town, selling out in a matter of minutes for the last decade or so SDCC remains a popular place for nerds. That said, like a Taylor Swift concert, most people that want to go simply cannot. The demand is too high but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy plenty of nerdy related things from the comfort of home. So if you are bummed about missing SDCC, believe me I understand, I was missing out for years but you can still enjoy the weekend. So many things at the con are already available for consumption so if you have time to binge watch there is plenty that you could do to keep the spirit of the weekend alive. Here’s all the things you can do to feel connected to this year’s SDCC.


The last thing you can and should do to stay connected to SDCC this year is follow Temple Of Geek on all social media where we will be posting videos and live tweeting. Twitter, Instagram and TikTok will contain all the best parts of the panels and the con as a whole. So if you want nothing more than to stay connected to the con this year then absorb some content while at home and pay attention to your socials and we will do our best to make sure that you don’t miss anything important! From TV shows to podcasts there is so much you can do this weekend to make yourself feel like you were there. Just binge watch and keep up on your social media and it will feel like you were there!

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