Secret Invasion Ep. 4 – WTF Disney+

3 episodes in and the show is still very underwhelming. I was really hoping the halfway point would be a turning moment for the short series but that was not the case. I have no expectations and very little hope for episode 4 but generally speaking this is the worst Disney+ MCU show to date.

With the credits, intro and recap the actual content of the episode only lasted about 28 minutes…so not only did nothing happen. But so much of nothing happened. Oh Talos died, and I guess that’s important because it’s going to spawn Gia to actually DO something, maybe, probably not. She continues to be a wildly useless character. As is Fury’s wife. Every woman that has shown her face on this show has been nothing but a plot device and it’s embarrassing. Read comics, don’t read comics. I don’t really care at this point, but can we stop treating fictional women as second class citizens please? It’s 2023 for fucks sake, why am I still watching unsympathetic men run around like chickens with their heds cut off while using the women around them to further their bullshit causes that the audience doesn’t even care about.

The show continues to be a massive disappointment, the 4th episode is truly just boring, the pacing is terrible and absolutely nothing was accomplished. It felt like a bunch of scenes that the writers thought they needed all just shoved together because they didn’t make any narrative sense anywhere else. Well guess what guys, they didn’t make any narrative sense here either. Secret Invasion is Disney+ absolute worst production so far, like by a lot. It’s not even close. 

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