Secret Invasion Ep.5

Secret Invasion has been a wildly boring disappointment thus far and as the series begins to come to a close there seems to be little to no hope for a turnaround. The penultimate episode is consistent, and therefore leaves little to praise. But here we go with the second to last episode of Secret Invasion.

We end on what I am assuming is supposed to be a cliffhanger. Truly this show is so terrible, the poor and inconsistent pacing, the lack of structure, the horribly sexist written female characters, the lack of any emotion whatsoever, there is nothing about this show that makes it redeemable or necessary. At this point I can pretty much guarantee that nothing that comes out of this show is going to be necessary to the future of the MCU. You can watch The Marvels just fine without it. Secret Invasion has proven to be a waste of money and my time.

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