SDCC -Friday

My first San Diego Comic Con is off to a kicking start! The first panel we were off too was Jamie Lee Curtis and her announcement of promotion of her new horror comic, Mother Nature. A story based on Najavo legend.

After that I was headed to the MacElroys, last year my husband and I not only had tickets to comic con but also MBMBAM, and Adventure Zone live shows. Our plans were thwarted by getting COVID. So to see Clint, Justin, Griffin, and Travis AT comic con this year was a highlight of my year

We essentially spent the rest of the day celebrating Invincible season 2! So many details to come!

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  1. […] SDCC was filled with lots of announcements which of course everyone who wasn’t there has heard about by now. But hearing it from the people actually granting us more nerd content was a truly wonderful experience. Plenty of things social media has already jumped on but I want no nerd left behind! So I just wanted to recap what I thought were the most important announcements from SDCC to make sure that all of my fellow nerds are caught up. From Felicia Day to Invincible we have a lot to talk about. […]

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