Creating Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer releases this weekend and I thought it prudent to do some background on the real person. Historical fiction walks a fine line in Hollywood, it is either very well adapted and humanized so it feels closer and more personal to the audience, or it is a bastardization of actual events and doesn’t even resemble the real thing. Normally the good adaptations add a love story (Titanic, Pearl Harbor) and keep all historical details the same. Now Nolan strikes me as a director that does his research and so the historical accuracy of this film doesn’t necessarily concern me, especially considering that there are 32 pages of production notes. So here we go, how much effort and research went into the Hollywoodized version of Oppenheimer?


To be completely honest, I wasn’t super excited to see this movie (I mean it’s three hours long). However after reading the production notes and seeing Nolan’s thought process and attachment to the story I am very excited to see what he does with this story. We are waiting to see the film on the IMAX 65MM screen and I can’t wait to see the film how Christopher Nolan truly intended it to be seen.

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