Barbie Review

I finally got to see Barbie and damn it Greta Gerwig did it again. Every film she has ever made has made me cry but this one was even better. Now this film was highly anticipated by just about everyone and the fact that it was released the same day as Oppenheimer only made it more interesting. As of right now the movie had the 24th largest opening weekend of all time and the highest grossing opening weekend of any film from a solo female director. From the sets, to the cinematography, the casting and the unbelievable choreography, Barbie proved to be not only a fun experience but also a highly emotional one.

I would argue this movie focused equally on Ken and Barbie (if not a little more on Ken) which is a little ridiculous for a movie titled for Barbie but I get the point.

Unfortunately many have missed the point of this movie despite it being spoon fed to you. The movie is brilliant and Greta Gerwig is certainly carving out her place among some of the most brilliant directors. The movie was a perfect 10/10 and we will absolutely be going to see it again. I love seeing how this film really bonded women together, from the going out in groups wearing bright pink to the overwhelming online analysis, Barbie is a win for women everywhere.

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