Revenge Season 4

We open Revenge season 4 with Victoria in the mental facility saying exactly what the doctor’s would like to hear. And Emily and Nolan hosting a party in their newly redecorated Grayson Manor. David is also about to come out to the public now that he’s been exonerated. Margot’s brother is running the magazine with her and Jack is becoming a cop. This is all apparently 6 months after the end of season 3.

Overall I think the show is pretty solid, Revenge season 4 it of course has some flaws and the writers very clearly got backed into some corners but they did very well with their circumstances and they managed to still tell a story that had a satisfying ending (even if it did go on too long). It is one of my favorite shows, I was happy to rewatch it after several years and it is one of the very few pieces of plot driven media that still has enough character development to hold my emotions.

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