Revenge Season 3 – Revenge Emily

Moving on to the next season of Revenge, this show is paced quite well which also means a lot of things tend to happen very quickly. A lot of last season was focused on the Americana Initiative but this season kind of takes a hard pivot. And towards the end of the season you can clearly see the show wrapping up. So season 3 takes place 6 months after the end of season 2 and we immediately have major changes. We have new characters in Patrick and Margot. We have Daniel and Emily having been together and isolated for the last 6 months, we have Nolan released from prison. We have Jack hating Emily and Ashley being a very aggressive gold digging whore. Now if you are anything like me you are wondering how the hell Revenge Emily (as the show gets closer to revealing her true identity I think it important to now start calling her by her real name, therefore her public identity will now be Revenge Emily.) handled being alone with Daniel for 6 whole months without making a move against the Graysons, well this girl has a hell of a lot more patience then I do.

At the end of season 3 we have Javier back in Nolan’s good graces, Stevie Grayson back in California. Conrad bleeding on the side of the road, Victoria stuck in the looney bin where Revenge Emily carefully placed her (just as Victoria helped do to Emily’s mom), David Clarke alive AND Charlotte traumatized from her kidnapping getting Jack arrested for it. Now I understand that is a batshit crazy statement and a lot of stuff to take in, but we are only 23 episodes away from resolution in season 4. 

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