SAG-AFTRA on Strike

For the first time since 1960 the actors of SAG-AFTRA and the writers of the WGA are on strike together. This is an important piece of history. The writers have been on strike for nearly two months now with no sign of the AMPTP wavering. However with the actors joining the strike something is going to have to change.

What the writers and actors are asking for will total in 2% of the studio execs total salaries. 2%. So these executives will still be getting wildly overpaid and the creatives will get to feed themselves, yet these executives can’t stand to lose a cent of their billions of dollars that they didn’t do anything to earn.

SAG-AFTRA and the WAG need our support right now, look to official sources and simply do what they ask. Do not follow the misguided advice from anyone not in either union, fans get overzealous and think they know better when they don’t. The only people that know what is going to help the strikers, are the strikers. Corporate greed will no longer be tolerated, and I can’t wait to watch the creatives take them down.

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