WGA Strike

We are a month into the writers strike and Hollywood is starting to feel its effects. However executives seem like they are digging in their heels but the WGA is not giving up. And quite frankly the longer it goes on the longer it hurts the studios wallets. Here are a few updates and ways you can support writers as they continue to fight for the future of Hollywood and its creatives.


I have one more thing to say, for those of you that think the WGA is asking for too much; if you are tired of reboots, remakes, and sequels you can blame executives. They are the ones making those decisions. Executives analyze what has already worked as far as the studios making money, they see what audiences have already enjoyed and they decide that they want to duplicate it. They then hire a writer or writers and because those writers are not making enough money to feed themselves, they accept the job. So that they can eat. The more we pay writers, the more we will get good, original stories because they will have the freedom and stability to write what they want instead of what they need. 

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