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Hollywood is a constant stream of remakes, sexism, brilliance and controversy. And because I have an opinion on everything here are my collected thoughts on the current state the industry.

Jumping the shark is a phrase used in television used to describe when a show has gone too far and pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable and believable in its given world. The phrase came from a Happy Daze episode where the writers had Fonzie literally jump over a shark. Since then the phrase has become sort of an industry term as a manner of critique. So what other jumping the shark moments have we seen in television history? Surely there are plenty but here are the ones that stuck out the most to me.


News of the Russo brothers helping develop AI that could create a full movie circulated the internet recently. The internet of course had many responses, most of which condemned the Russo brothers for being lazy, uncreative and sell outs. As a creative how could you even think that this is a good idea, something to put your weight behind? It’s embarrassing. If you can so easily be replaced, how good are you really?


We’ve all heard the phrase “everything is derivative of something” well if that’s true then how does a struggling artist present something new? As writers and directors we strive to find new ways to tell the same stories, we analyze and study patterns, tropes, character archetypes and we try and find ways to subvert expectations, that said, we continue to tell the same stories because they are comfortable and people find meaning and safety in familiarity.


Teen dramas are and have always been a popular genre. Some of them, like Dawson’s Creek, go about their characters’ romances in an honest and somewhat wholesome way. Others (and this is unfortunately the majority) like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Riverdale and most recently Euphoria have a habit of oversexualizing their teenage characters. Now this is wildly problematic for so so many reasons but the strongest of which is that this leads to real life consequences.


Most of us spend our time relaxing watching TV or movies. I mean I’ve built my whole internet presence off of reviewing, critiquing and analyzing media. Our current society thrives off of Hollywood. Comic cons, show specific fan conventions, tv shows, and movies very few people in this country go a day without relying on Hollywood for relaxation and entertainment. But how does that entertainment come to us? Does it magically appear on our screens? Do producers and studio execs come up with these stories that we love? No writers do. Writers are the backbone of Hollywood and we owe them our praise, and Hollywood owes them proper compensation.


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