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Love and Death – Ep. 6 Elizabeth Olsen

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We are reaching the conclusion of HBOs mini series Love and Death. At this point Candy Montgomery has been charged with the murder of her friend Betty which she has confessed to her lawyer. Her lawyer has also told her husband what has been going on and we are about to enter the murder trial. This is the second to last episode in the series and so far it has been a captivating experience as well as just a joy to watch especially for the talents of Elizabeth Olsen. This is an incredible project for her, she handles the heavy content so well and I hope she gets to do something lighter and more fun after this.

Somehow the trial is more interesting than everything that built up to it. Even though Elizabeth Olsen took kind of a back seat in this episode she does a great job of showing what kind of stress and grief Candy was under. She self medicates during the trial so that she is able to hold it together in front of the jury and the media. Even though she should be letting herself fall apart so the jury can see that she is remorseful. I am looking forward to the final episode as I am sure it’s going to be just as entertaining as the rest of this series has been.

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