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Love and Death Finale

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The Love and Death finale is here. Thus far the show has been accurate, entertaining and an excellent presentation of Elizabeth Olsen’s skills as an actress. I am eager to see how they wrap up all the loose ends at the end of this episode. Let’s see how the finale wraps up the story of Candy Montgomery.

The real Candy Montgomery was declared not guilty due to her lawyer’s strong self-defense plea. She really did have hypnosis sessions with a psychologist that established that she had a dissociative episode during the murder, rage brought on by childhood trauma. Considering that it was determined that Candy was attacked by Betty first, her self-defense plea was solid. I love watching accuracy on screen, but really the only thing that Candy did wrong was cheat on her husband, Betty was gonna kill her. After the trial Candy and her family moved from Texas and she and her husband got divorced. Here is one of the funniest parts of this story, the real life Candy Montgomery became a mental health counselor…that’s fucking funny. 

Overall I think the show did a fantastic job telling this story, Elizabeth Olsen did a phenomenal job portraying Candy Montgomery and the writing of real events was captivating and entertaining. The blurbs at the end of the love and death finale about the real people truly just solidified how well the show did at portraying them. Alan Gore does in fact just suck shit, this man got remarried right after his wife was murdered, got divorced and then got married again. Come on my dude. Overall a great adaptation that I highly recommend. 

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