Lost Season 1


Lost remains one of television’s most groundbreaking shows and as such in preparation to write my own I started studying the season series bible. Now we can all talk about how bad the show ended and we will as part of me picking up this show as a project is to determine the exact moment it went downhill. Now I have my current theory and the timeline somewhat lines up but let’s get into it.

This is the Quality Rating adjusted for only 4 categories of analysis…

This is the Quality check for all 5 categories described below.

The first season of Lost may not have stuck story for story to what was laid out in the bible but it did use the story type that it set forth. I rated each episode of season 1 in 5 categories, out of 5 and averaged the score. The categories of criticism used were; Character development (as Lost is a character driven story someone should be driving it forward at all times), Acting/Directing (though the entire cast is amazing, there are some stand out performances that should be acknowledged as well as making sure the directing is consistent with the original tone set forth), Storytelling (is the episode compelling and interesting to watch as we are moving through time very slowly with the survivors it’s very easy to slip into a more mellowed out or boring story), Lore (does the episode add to or at least stay consistent with the lore already revealed) and for the first season only, Story Type (does the episode fit into a predetermined story type set forth by the series bible. Now that last one will be replaced going forward, I just haven’t decided with what yet. The season average is 3.8 and each episode’s score will also be available on my website. The first season does a great job of raising a lot of questions; Who are the Others? How did they get here? Why are they attacking the survivors? Why do they seem so focused on children? What is the black smoke? How did a polar bear get on the island? How did the hatch get here and what is in it? Is the island really magic? All things that could be fleshed out in the second season, leaving this a very solid first season of television.

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