Fast and Furious – Review

The Fast and the Furious franchise has just released the 10th installment in its series. It was, as expected, a movie. This was my husband’s first time ever watching a Fast and Furious movie and it met and exceeded all of his expectations. And though at this point we are used to logic and reason having no place in this franchise, they have truly outdone themselves with the physics defying stunts in this one.

Jason Momoa absolutley carried the movie, I need to rewatch the rest of the franchise because I absolutley do not remember John Cena being in these at all. I question some of the dialogue and acting choices that were made. And we also marvel at the fact that the casting directors managed to find both the biggest dudes and the hottest women in Hollywood for this franchise.

Now it was a Fast and Furious movie so let’s not get confused, it was not a good movie. But it was highly entertaining and I spent the entire time laughing at the absolute ridiculousness of it. Jason Momoa absolutely carried the movie and honestly it’s worth the watch just for him. Overall I’d give it a solid 5/10, I might watch it again but it was by no measure a good film.

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