Revisiting Jennifer’s Body

Let’s kick off pride month by discussing one of the gayest movies of all time, Jennifer’s Body. Now this was once a widely hated movie, it was shat on pretty universally. But since its release it has developed a cult following that truly understands it for what it is, satire. Diablo Cody wrote a brilliant and beautiful piece of campy satire and it is perfect. I have talked before about how the initial rejection of this movie was fully due to the marketing. First of all the movie was never marketed as a satire, and second of all it was marketed to men when the actual film was clearly made for the she’s and the gays.

This movie will always be a brilliant piece of media. Jennifer’s Body will always be a feminist horror movie that should really be taught in film classes to show how to subvert expectations and take tired tropes and turn them into something new, interesting and entertaining.

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