Revisiting The Parent Trap

For whatever reason The Parent Trap with Lindsey Lohan has made its circulation on TikTok. Not really sure why this gem of a movie has resurfaced but as it was one of my most watched movies in my childhood I thought I would throw my two cents in. This might start a new series of me revisiting nostalgic movies but this is a good start.


First of all someone on TikTok said that this is really 3 movies in one and that is because the three acts of this movie are very clearly separated. The movie is very cohesive and actually flows really well. It’s paced pretty consistently making the 2 hour and 9 minute film feel much shorter then that. Apparently my attention span was great as a kid. But that’s what a well written and entertaining movie will do. So let’s start with Act 1.

Besides this plot being absolutely buckwild, Lindsey Lohan was adorable and incredible and The Parent Trap remains a very solid, and adorable film. Watching it as an adult is definitely a different experience but it was still fun.

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