Emmy Nominations 2023

Emmy nominations are out! And though we are going to talk about them I want to go ahead and say that the Emmys have many categories that are all very important. All crew members, visual artists, music directors, costume designers and everyone else that makes TV magic happen should be recognized and rewarded for their hard work. However, so that this article is not 5,000 words long I am going to have to pair down what I cover. What I really want to do is take a different angle here and focus on the shows themselves, how many things they were nominated for and what I would like to see happen. There are quite a few shows that swept many nominations and as we get closer to the Emmys I will be watching the most popular entries and giving my thoughts.

The last thing I want to say is that the very distasteful and wildly problematic Dahmer series was nominated for 2 Emmy’s and its very existence is a problem. Yet Love and Death, a very accurate adaptation of a real event that didn’t trigger anyone, was left off of the nominations list. Elizabeth Olsen was easily the biggest snub of the nominations, her very scarce colleague Jesse Plemons managed to get a nomination when Lizzie gave a haunting, intense and terrifying performance and was ignored. I will continue to be bitter about this if any of the Dahmer nominations win, or Plemons, his performance was child’s play next to hers. 


Anyway, I can’t wait to experience all of these lovely nominated shows, most for the first time. And share my thoughts and predictions with you guys.

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