The Boys

With the 4th season of The Boys inching closer and closer I thought that I would compile all of the work that I have done on the show thus far. So whether you are new and catching up, or an avid fan revisiting the brilliance of the show here is all my analysis and discussion of the superhero show.

The Boys is a graphic, witty, and brilliant show. Through the use of satire and social commentary, this show provides audiences with what we need from the superhero genre, something new, fresh, and insightful.

The plot of this show is so well done it seems to be written around the commentaries and tropes that are so ingrained in its dialogue and characters. After too long a wait, I finally watched season 2 of the Boys and I have so many thoughts, all of which are framed around the women of the show because I genuinely do not care about any of these men (except of course for Frenchie). So here we go;

The third season opens with some really weird gratuitous nudity, sex and violence. The show is getting bolder as it keeps getting renewed, each season gets a little more gore and sex oriented which I hear is super close to the comics.

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