Love and Death Eps. 4&5 – True Story

After the first three episodes of love and death we were left knowing that the murder was about to take place. For those of us that have no chill and went to the internet to investigate the true story we know what is about to happen. But from a narrative perspective the cliffhanger was great and still left the future up in the air. So far the series is doing a great job of tell the story of Candy Montgomery and how her community reacted to what she did. I believe that he second half of the series is all murder and aftermath so here we go.

The accuracy I am most concerned about is really the outcome of the trial as well as its aftermath. Especially considering that the real Candy Montgomery is still alive and well. We will have to wait and see how the next two episodes handle the rest of the real life situation but so far the show has done an excellent job of sticking to the “This is a True Story” tagline at the beginning of each episode. I look forward to doing a recap of just how accurate the story is to what really happened.

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