Satirizing Supes – The Boys

The Boys is one of the most brilliant pieces of superhero media that currently exists. In a world that includes both Marvel and DC the market for superhero stories is more then a little oversaturated. That said The Boys is a much different and darker take on the superheroes that you already know and love. One of the things that makes the show incredible is that it is very clearly a satire on other, more common superhero stories. The plotlines call out and flip common tropes found in popular comic books and the characters themselves satirize your favorite heroes.

The show is based on a comic book that I have not read but from everything that I have heard the TV show deviates greatly. The comic book its based on seems to be more gore and less satire though the show leans more and more into the darker aspects of the source material. As the show gained popularity they also gained more freedom to do whatever they wanted. We can thank ourselves for Herogasm I guess.

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