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Guardians of the Galaxy-Review

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Warning up top this review is going to contain so many spoilers so if you would like to avoid that, please stop reading now. You will not get another warning. The third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy was a beautiful, wonderful, incredible masterpiece cementing its place as the MCU’s best trilogy.

It also gets through most of the trailer scenes in the first 20 minutes of the movie, like all good trailers should. We got a Rocket focused story about friendship, trauma and accepting oneself. We got “adaptations” of the High Evolutionary and Adam Warlock (the quotes because the characters on screen are only the vaguest of versions of these characters. I still liked the story and it’s not like the adaptation was unrecognizable but it wasn’t great). And we got furthered relationship development from both Quill and Gamora and the rest of the team.

Overall I think the film was awesome, it is the best movie of phase 5 thus far. And it is easily the MCU’s best trilogy…like by a lot…it’s not even close really. Guardians of the Galaxy has the most solidly developed character and relationship dynamics. The most coherent story, the best soundtrack, and it manages to interrelate to the rest of the MCU without making it required viewing. Its rating as a Marvel movie is 10/10, its rating as a film outside of being a comic book movie is 8/10. Truly a wonderful film, highly recommend.

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