Recapping the MCU – Phase 2

One of the biggest obstacles the MCU faces right now is gaining and retaining audience members. The universe is so vast and interconnected that unless you’ve seen every single project it feels like you’re missing something. And the unfortunate reality is that you probably are. But if you don’t care about the details, inside jokes, comic book references and every thread of interrelation then you really just need the broad strokes so here we go. Whether you are a tired, burnt out fan or a new audience member I’m hoping these short guides will help you catch up on all of the important information so you can enjoy the current state of the MCU. Picking up where we left off, phase 2 of the MCU.

Hello! Last time we did very broad strokes for phase 1 and we are back to do phase 2 which had the same amount of movies as phase 1 before we get into an absurd amount of movies with phase 3. As always feel free to ask questions and I will be happy to answer them. Of this phase the ones I recommend are really just Winter Soldier, and Age of Ultron (as a Wanda lover, I can’t skip her introduction).

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