Ranking the MCU

The MCU has over a decade of development time and dozens of projects now, both film and television. There is so much content that people are somewhat burnt out, they are exhausted from trying to keep up with all of the interrelated storylines. Now burn out is totally understandable especially considering that when a new project is announced we don’t really know which projects are required viewing. We also don’t know whether or not we need to see every new project to fully enjoy the few we are actually looking forward to. That said because of this burn out, this media overload, audiences have stopped receiving these new projects with any kind of common sense.


Every time a new MCU project is released now its met with blind hatred and a complete lack of critical thought. The reality is that they new phases of the MCU aren’t bad, there have been a few misses sure but acting like its most of them is blatantly incorrect. There are no more bad projects then there have been in the past. The quality of the MCU is the same as it always was the only difference is there is more then one female character. And that means that there is actual diversity in the MCU and some bitter butthurt nerd boys don’t like that, but astonishingly enough their opinions don’t matter.

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