Creature Commandos Background

Twitter has an opinion on everything and James Gunn’s DCEU lineup is no different. Really all scrolling twitter has done on this topic is establish that people that don’t read comic books seem to have a lot of opinions on comic book movies. The lack of stories centering around the big three have pissed the casuals off, but for those of us that can read the new additions to the DC Universe are very exciting. DC is full of rich and interesting characters that have nothing to do with the big 3 and I can’t wait to finally see them shine. So if you don’t read comics but want to know what to expect from James Gunn’s live action adaptations then you came to the right place. Here is a brief background on the Creature Commandos and some stories that they could adapt.

Of course the line-up of the team changes as the years progress. No comic book team stays stagnant. But one of the most amazing things about this team is just how dark their stories were at the start. I truly believe that if James Gunn starts with their original line up and their original storylines Creature Commandos could be one of the greatest comic book adaptations and stories of all time.

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